What Has Happened to the Catholic Church?
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What Has Happened to the Catholic Church? Like millions of people around the world you may have been wondering, what is happening to the Catholic Church? Look at the fruits of Vatican II: priestless parishes, closed churches and schools, irreverent Masses and the loss of many of our family members from the Church. Catholics around the world have had enough. Six well documented chapters include discussions of Vatican Council II, the "New" and "Old" Mass, the Sacraments, the Popes since Vatican II, Fatima, the Rosary and the Third Secret of Fatima. The book draws striking parallels between the Protestant Reformation and Vatican II. What Has Happened to the Catholic Church? was first published in 1994 and was a tremendous success. In fact, its success was so great that it sold out within a few short years. Due to popular demand, St. Joseph's Media is proud to it available again in digital form. A complete methodical study of the modern Vatican II religion compared to the traditional Catholic Faith. A handbook of powerful information, references and comparisons, all in one book.
Reviews of What Has Happened To The Catholic Church?
This is a must read for anyone who wants to know how and why the Second Vatican Council has changed the Catholic Church. The authors who are both priests include statistics and a thesis that are hard to refute. For all Catholics who want to know that the Catholic Church is still alive and well and where to find it. This book gets right down to the heart of the matter about what is going in the Catholic Church with the changes that effected it with Vatican II! What are polkas, rock, rap and liturgical dancing doing in a House of God? Entertaining Him? Trying to draw people into church? I do not think so but this book will tell you how and why the sacrilegious things are happening in the Roman Catholic Church today.
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